About Me
An accredited automobile journalist by day, a trance and house DJ by night, and a professional photographer in between, C Squared Photography is a new branch of my own efforts, which I happily call C Squared Productions.
I am a big media guru, growing up surrounded by tech, computers and gadgetry. I particularly fell in love with creative and artful photography through the advent of the cellphone-based camera. Finding myself snapping away at things while teaching myself composition, it soon grew into an obsession, hobby, and ultimately a passion. This passion then met my other love for cars, which only perpetuated it even more.
Taking to heart the proverb, "you'll never work one day when you do what you love doing most," I've been able to combine my passion for photography with my love for cars, which translate into my work as a producer of digital automotive content and other sorts of content.
Once I invested into my Canon 6D in early 2014, I knew that photography was a permanent staple to my creativity.
Thanks for checking me out :). I love feedback and will try to return the favor as much as I can!
~ C Squared